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The National Cluster Platform of the Republic of Austria

The National Cluster Platform (NCP) was established in 2008 on initiative of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy of the Republic of Austria, Centre 1, Dr. Maria Bendl, for information and cooperation purposes of the Austrian cluster players at national and regional level.


The National Cluster Platform initiates the discussion of topics of common concern within working groups. It actively contributes to further developments of the Austrian RDTI policy and the link-up to cluster activities at European level and facilitates a considerable rise in the implementation of innovative measures in Austria.

Further tasks are the streamlining of the active participation in European opinion making and strategy processes.

The relevance of clusters is also taken into account in the current Austrian Programme for Government.


Head of department Dr. Maria Bendl: Responsible for national cluster policy and over-all coordination of the National Cluster Platform (department: research and technology)

Head of department Mag. Josef Mandl: Responsible for European cluster policy (department: innovation and transfer)

Mag. Georg Panholzer: (department: RTI-strategy; international RTI-strategy and technology-cooperations)





Contact the Coordination Office of the National Cluster Platform:

Tel: +43/732/890038/DW 12
email: office@clusterplattform.at


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Cluster Platform Austria